Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I went to church this Wednesday and my daddy is in Thailand for a
mission trip; And I really miss him alot. When I was at church this Wednesday in Praise Kids (children's choir) and missing daddy alot. I cried for him along with my friend named Kaylee Jones because her daddy is on the trip too. We got all the attention all the kid's were
crowding me and Kaylee. So many of my friend's were comforting me....Kaylee, Jasmine, Abby, Allie, Maddy, Makaylin, Keilyn, Amber, Jasee, Ashley, Hilary, and Rachel. That is not even all the people! After they comforted us, Keilyn and Amber and Hilary (teenagers) took
us out of the room and prayed for us. It was very kind what they did. Then
Mrs.Cindy Vose walked by and saw me. She asked me what was the matter and I told her.
Then the miracle starts.... Mrs. Cindy's husband [ who was also in Thailand on the mission trip] actually called her right then! She asked if my daddy was close by and he was, I got to talk to him. It was amazing. He was so kind to me after I told him what had happened, and I told him that I missed him alot. Then I felt alot better! Just in case I didn't tell you the mission team has been gone for two week's! So Keilyn and Hilary and Amber took me and Kaylee and hugged us so tight. When we went back in the classroom all the kids once again crowded us. It felt like it was a dream come true. When my momma had to pick me up she found out what happened because Mrs. Cindy had told her. She comforted me and I felt better. So the miracle was that when I was sad the Lord helped me by letting Mr. Brad call and the I got to talk to daddy right when I needed to be comforted. That was a miracle!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Following God's Footsteps

Let me introduce myself. My name is Reagan Hughes, and I am 9 years old. I am here to
tell you about how to follow God's footsteps. Following God's footsteps means reading the bible, praying, and spending time with him. I struggle with that sometimes,we all struggle.
Don't think that your the only person who does'nt do that. But please try to read the bible for
at least ten minutes or more, also pray too. God's holy word means alot to me and it should mean alot to you. I have two brothers named Addicus and Noah. They are very kind to me. And sometimes I am mean to them, I memorize verses to help me.
and I beg God to forgive me. And he does,that is God showing his kindness and love.
I have to tell you that God is powerful and he will save you if you ask him. The solution
is asking God in your heart. And that's exactly what I did,and it worked God has changed me.
So now i'm not as mean to my brothers,so that's proof that the powerful God has changed me.
I followed his footsteps, I did it!