Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Following God's Footsteps

Let me introduce myself. My name is Reagan Hughes, and I am 9 years old. I am here to
tell you about how to follow God's footsteps. Following God's footsteps means reading the bible, praying, and spending time with him. I struggle with that sometimes,we all struggle.
Don't think that your the only person who does'nt do that. But please try to read the bible for
at least ten minutes or more, also pray too. God's holy word means alot to me and it should mean alot to you. I have two brothers named Addicus and Noah. They are very kind to me. And sometimes I am mean to them, I memorize verses to help me.
and I beg God to forgive me. And he does,that is God showing his kindness and love.
I have to tell you that God is powerful and he will save you if you ask him. The solution
is asking God in your heart. And that's exactly what I did,and it worked God has changed me.
So now i'm not as mean to my brothers,so that's proof that the powerful God has changed me.
I followed his footsteps, I did it!


  1. i think that was heartouching.
    It blew my mind.

  2. Reagan, Katie and I are going to love reading your blog. :-)